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Oil filter information.


Car oil filter although said insignificant, but the role is very large, it can be in our engine will be some impurities and friction generated iron filings. So oil filter is bearing the large role, so we should be in small maintenance check whether need to replace oil filter, under normal circumstances, the car every 10000 kilometers need to replace oil filter, if you use a fully synthetic engine oil, so every time just oil change and replace the oil filter, time-saving and convenient.


Gasoline filter and oil filter function is the same, but the gasoline filter is to filter gasoline impurities, to avoid impurities into the damage of the electronic injection system. Now most models of gasoline filters are built-in filters, generally about 80,000 km to replace, if it is an external filter, it is recommended to replace about 20,000 km. If it is too dirty or blocked, the vehicle will accelerate weakly, difficult to start, then it should be replaced in time.


Usually if the antifreeze is a little less, it is best to buy distilled water to add, if it is really emergency, use mineral water, it is best not to use tap water. Many manufacturers require a repeat every two or three years. The cost of antifreeze is not very high, if the money is not so tight you can replace some, if you want to be more economical, 3-4 years to replace once in fact there is no relationship. If you have the habit of adding at random at ordinary times, it is suggested to change the frequency a little. If you do not have this habit and the water temperature is too high, you can choose it with yourself in 2-4 years.