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How often should the oil filter be changed?


The oil filter needs to be changed at 5000 km. When replacing the oil, it must be replaced with the oil filter. Only replacing the oil without replacing the oil filter will have the same effect as without replacing the oil.Car oil through the oil filter can be arrived at to maintain position, the effect of the oil filter is to into the automotive engine system software of engine oil sludge filter, prevent the car engine oil in the whole process of circulation system continuous infiltration of oil residue leads to the main obstruction, even destroy the car engine, etc. The occurrence of serious harm. Most of the cars are not unloaded clean disposable filter, so the replacement of oil must be removed at the same time the oil filter, in order to ensure that the car oil on the car engine excellent practical effect of wetting.According to the structure of the oil filter is divided into exchangeable, rotary, centrifugal fan. According to the layout in the operating system can be divided into full flow, separate type. The filter system used by the oil filter element has filter paper, felt, wire mesh, non-woven fabric and so on. In the case of removing and replacing the oil filter element, the matters to be paid attention to are the application of the oil filter element wrench or a reasonable special tool to remove the filter element, so as to avoid damaging the wire port at the connection position. Check and clean the installation surface of oil filter element, otherwise it is easy to cause car oil leakage after installation, resulting in insufficient oil supply. When installing the oil filter element, the surface of the sealing ring should be coated with a layer of automobile oil to ensure that the seal is reliable and to avoid damage to the sealing ring.